Chanukah musings

As my Chanukah greeting to you, I am forwarding this photo and its story which I implore you to read.  Nothing can be more symbolic than this picture with the menorah in the window and across the street the Nazi headquarters with the swastika.  The story and the image at the end tells the rest.

This story reminds me of the statement of our sages “Sinat olam, l’am olam” (eternal hate to eternal people). We persist on the principle that the law is above man, and that no human power structure should override that basic truth. Our mission of light unto the nations is anathema to dictatorships, theocracies and to all those who prefer to keep people in the darkness.

In the season of light let us pray and hope that light will prevail.


2 thoughts on “Chanukah musings

  1. Thank you, Dad, for keeping the light shining for all of us. You have so much to share and now it is great that you can share it with others. Happy Birthday!

  2. HI mORRIS-hAppy Birthday- I think I’m catching up with you. am about to turn thankful to you for all your work- and send my love to you and Mena and rest of family love, Rachel

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