A journey into memory

I had the privilege on January  9 to be interviewed for a documentary on the subject of Jewish resistance during the Second World War in Belarus.  The documentary is being produced by Julia Mintz for national release later this year.  During the interview, she led me to recount stories of the period prior to the War in the 1930’s when the Nazis took power in Germany and began their hate campaign against the Jews.  Even when the hate campagain eventually spilled over into Poland, in Belarus in the east where I lived at the time, I did not experience any blatant anti-semitism. The Belarus were a minority in Poland, and we Jews were a minority among them.  So there was generally an amiable relationship among the population.

In the process of the interview for the documentary, I recalled that the news of what was going on in Germany and in western Poland certainly had reached us at the time.  But as it is in human nature, unless one experiences something oneself, it not was easy to believe that what we were hearing could affect us directly.  As with most ordinary people, we were simply naive enough to rely upon the humanity of our fellow humans.  This proved to be a great disappointment, to put it mildly.

When words of hate are being disemminated we need to take it very seriously. There is never room for complacency, even when it seems that we ourselves are safe and unlikely to be affected by such speech.  Words of hate lead to acts of hate, acts of hate lead to atrocities and genocide.  We did not believe at the time that the words we were hearing could affect us in such a short time.  But hate has no borders: those words did affect us, and they eventually affected the entire world.

“Love blinds us to faults, hatred to virtues” — Moshe Ibn Ezra


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