Crying “Wolf”?

Rescuers searched for victims at the site of the bomb blast in Karachi, Pakistan, on Sunday. The attacks killed at least 37 people and wounded at least 90. NYT 4 March 2013

The front page of the March 4, 2013 New York Times features a large photo:  “Huge Pakistan Explosion with Shiites as Targets. Firefighters fought a blaze in Karachi, Pakistan, after a bomb attack on Shiites outside a mosque killed at least 45 people. The article goes on to report that at least 149 people were wounded.

Daily reports of massacres against civilians in Syria over the last two years tell us that over 1,000,000 people have been been turned into refugees, forced into neighboring countries, exposed to the cold, undernourished, their lives disrupted.  I think of the lasting effects on generations deprived of normal growth and development, nourishment, and a stable environment in the early stages of their life.

The most frightening aspect of all of this is that the world, as represented by the UN, is powerless. One would expect masses marching in the capitals of the world showing their abhorrence, pain and condemnation and pledging to cooperate in wiping out this plague.  But there is only silence, acquiescence.

Think about it: these crimes are committed against co-religionists!  Imagine if the perpetrators ever got the upper hand either by ballot or by force!  What should those of us viewed as infidels expect?  Sound the alarm!  A tsunami of hate could be on the horizon.


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