Old Lies Never Die

On August 17, Al Jazeera commentator Gamal Nassar said “Al-Sisi [chief of staff of the Egyptian Army and former Muslim Brotherhood official] is Jewish, implementing protocols of the Elders of Zion in Egypt.”

On August 14 a spokesman for the Egyptian Association for Change claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood implements the methods of the Jews.

On August 20, the Prime Minister of Turkey, Reccip Tayyip Erdogan, said “Israel is behind the coup in Egypt, we have evidence.”

These are only a few examples of age-old lies which in the past were used by the Czarist regime to deflect the ire and discontent of the masses from the real problems of the day. They were used by the Nazis to further their claim of Jewish quest for domination of the world. In recent years, these lies have seen a resurgence, particular in the Muslim world, in mosques, and in the media, which are convenient tools to reach people who have no other way of learning the truth.

We know what happened in the Czarist era: pogroms. And we know what happened in the 20th century: the Holocaust. And I believe that the current barrage of falsehoods can easily lead to violent acts and eventually to genocide in our own time.

Meanwhile, Michael Ordman writes “Good News From Israel”“:

  • Dr Leslie Lobel of Ben Gurion University has identified antibody clones from patients who have recovered from Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infections
  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Pillcam SB 3 – Given Imaging’s latest internal intestine camera – for monitoring sufferers of Crohn’s disease and other intestinal problems. Its use has already changed the treatment of 62 percent of Crohn’s patients.
  • The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is to support a post-traumatic center for children deeply impacted by terror. The center is in Shiloh – the 3400-year-old site of the biblical Temple. Children are rehabilitated using art, music, movement, plus interaction with animals.
  • In September, leading experts from the USA, Spain, Australia and the Netherlands will join Israelis for the International Symposium on Quality of Life and Well-being of People with Disabilities.

While the hate speech targeted against Jews and Israel goes on, Israelis and Jews worldwide continue their lives, consistently contributing to the well-being of all mankind. My wish is that we can all be aware of both the dangerous hate speech and the ongoing contributions of the people who are being so maligned, and to share what we know with those who are less well-informed.


2 thoughts on “Old Lies Never Die

  1. “While the hate speech targeted against Jews and Israel goes on, Israelis and Jews worldwide continue their lives, consistently contributing to the well-being of all mankind. ”

    What a contrast we see between the hatful accusations and the reality that all human life has been greatly impacted for good via the Chosen People of God, even as they’ve been denied a homeland for most of the last 2k years, and persecuted and expelled from the countries they’d called “home.”

    While I know it is to be expected that the enemies of God will oppose Him and His people, it is my prayer that more of the Gentiles who have come to know and love Him will rally around Israel, and the Jews in their midst, to love and protect them.

    Thank you for dedicating your life to this effort.

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