What a World!

The sound that broke the barrier of segregation: Today is the anniversary of Marian Anderson singing at the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday in 1939. From the day that the DAR refused to allow her to sing at Constitution Hall until this day much progress has been made, and much still needs to be done. There is always tension between the forces of progress and those who would try to retard progress by any means.

Because bad news about Israel reaches the world media so quickly and good news comes out so slowly (and sometimes not at all), I would like to introduce you to a source of good news from Israel: Michael Ordman’s “Good News From Israel” blog. Here are some recent examples from his site:

Freedom of education is the norm: Dr. Qanta Ahmed, an Arab physician visiting Technion University where Muslim students study alongside Jews, speaks out against those who would say that Israel discriminates against Arabs.

The University of Ariel in the West Bank, not recognized by the outside world and by some Israelis, has 600 Arab students, about 20% of the student body. And they are in the process of setting up a Muslim prayer room to accommodate those students.

A former Egyptian diplomat, Gamal Bayoumi, recently spoke out in favor of normalizing relations between Egypt and Israel. And a Syrian opposition activist, Kamal Al-Labwani, is also making the case for peace with Israel.

In the same world, a British MP recently stated that “Zionist gunmen and Ukrainian Nazis are intimidating Jews into settling in Palestine.”

An Egyptian actor recently recommended that people read “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” (an anti-Semitic hoax from the Czarist era purportedly describing how Jews rule the world) and stated that Benjamin Franklin warned that Jews should not be admitted to the US, citing the oft-debunked “Franklin Prophecy,” a speech attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but almost certainly written in the early 20th century.

Mighty lies ride high in the world of hate. And so we must work to seek out the sources that provide facts to highlight the real world, where truth drives out the darkness of hate.


5 thoughts on “What a World!

  1. Greetings,

    I was delighted to read your words today. Thank you for sharing.

    My best to you and your Family.


  2. Do you think “hate speech” should be illegal? How about “hate crimes”? Should there be such a thing as “hate crimes” in your opinion?

    • Ashley, there are laws against hate crimes, but I do not believe that speech should be (or can be) restricted. If people cannot speak freely, they will find more physical ways to express their frustration. This has been demonstrated true throughout history.

  3. Reblogged this on Sojourning With Jews and commented:
    Moshe Baran is an exceptional man. He lived in the Horodok ghetto, witnessed the murder of family members, joined the resistance and fought the Nazis. He survived a forced labor camp, and, in spite of the hatred and horrors he’s witnessed, he kept his faith in God, and he continues to infuse our world with good.

    He’s in his nineties and is a popular speaker at Indiana University of Pennsylvania who shares his story with young people, keeps a blog, and inspires me to no end.

    I adore this man.

    When I see an email from him in my “inbox”, always with a bit of wisdom or encouragement to share, it always lifts my spirits and leaves me thankful for his kindness and his life.

    Here’s what he posted today.

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