Don’t Ask Why

If you did not read this article entitled “Here There Is No Why” by Roger Cohen of the New York TImes, please read it…and read it again. If you did read it…read it again.

As a Holocaust survivor I am deeply troubled by the latest atrocities against civilians. Unspeakable acts of barbaric cruelty are being perpetrated and the sick drama is playing out in front of our eyes on live television.

We are living in a world where beheadings are aired and hailed as directed by Allah. In his NYT article, Roger Cohen quotes Holocaust survivor Primo Levi as he recounts ​the cruelty of a Nazi guard​ who prevented him (Levi) from quenching his thirst with an icicle.​ ​Levi asked the guard one simple question: “Why?”

“‘Hier ist kein warum,’ (there is no why here)” ​was the guard’s response.​

I fear that these words are as applicable today as they were when Levi first heard them. There is no “why” in “bin Ladin-ism” and its offshoots. Their aim is world domination and asking “why” elicits a blank stare since ​they believe that their methods are ordained by Allah. Hitler, in his time, claimed that his acts were done in the name of Jesus.

Those of us who have experienced the insanity resulting from Hitler and his global ambitions know that it did not end when the war was declared over. The beheadings are only the most recent horrors deriving from the same root. If we do not recognize what is happening now and take action​, as the world powers are only now beginning to do​, it will be too late to stop it.