The Best Speech Ever

In September I posted a blog titled “I Accuse”. I described the fact that some of the Arab refugee camps maintained by the UN since 1948 and 1967 are a violation of human rights. There were millions of refugees from various wars who have been long resettled and lead normal lives including Arabs from Palestine.

A recent speech was delivered September 27 in Oslo by George Deek. Deek is an Israeli diplomat, an Israeli Arab whose family fled in 1948 but returned and was absorbed into the Israeli society. And he who is a third generation descendent of those who fled is now an Israeli diplomat.

I would like to share with you a quote from that speech: Deek says: “In 1947 he [my grandfather] got engaged to Vera – my grandmother – and together they had plans to build a family in the same city where the Deek family has lived for about 400 years – Jaffa.

“But a few months later, those plans changed, literally overnight.

“When the U.N. approved the establishment of Israel, and a few months the State of Israel was established, the Arab leaders warned the Arabs that the Jews are planning to kill them if they stay home, and they used the Deir Yassin massacre as an example.

“They told everyone: ‘Leave your houses, and run away’. “They said they will need just a few days, in which with 5 armies they promised to destroy the newly born Israel.

“My family, horrified by what might happen, decided to flee, with most others…

“…Today, I have relatives in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Dubai, the U.K., Canada, the U.S., Australia, and more…The fact that I have to Skype with relatives in Canada who don’t speak Arabic, or a cousin in an Arab country that still has no citizenship there, despite being a third generation– is a living testimony to the tragic consequences of the war.”

The speech is long, but be patient. It has received wide acclaim as the best speech of an Israeli diplomat on the subject of Palestinian refugees. It is candid and personal, and I highly recommend that you read it and pass it on.


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