Two items for the week

In lieu of my blog this week, I am forwarding two items. “The Debate Over Jewish Achievement” by Steven L. Pease, and an article about an anti-semitic preacher who recently spoke at Al-Aksa in Jerusalem. I believe these are two examples of language that heals and language that kills…
A Peek At Item 1:
“Jews have been part of my life in kindergarten, at Harvard Business School, and throughout my professional career. It was from those experiences that I developed the notion that Jews are the world’s most disproportionate high achievers…”
And a Peek at Item 2:
“A Palestinian preacher, speaking at Jerusalem’s central mosque, used the most virulent anti-Semitic slander during a lesson he gave after Friday prayers last week. The exposure of his speech by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) generated international controversy, and in response, in a subsequent lesson in the mosque this past FridaySheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi defended and even added to the anti-Semitism he had disseminated…”

One thought on “Two items for the week

  1. Very interesting post Moshe. Commenting on the first article, “The Debate Over Jewish Achievement,” from the standpoint of someone who has just returned from Israel, I ask why positive information such as this is not what you usually hear in the media or when someone is discussing Israel, and instead more commonly reported are negative events that are blown out of proportion? Also, in response to the 2nd article, it is interesting that this preacher is speaking from Jerusalem.

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