Words That Heal and Words That Chill

The ongoing fighting between the Sunnis and Shiites has revealed to those of us in the West a deep rift in the Muslim world that has existed for centuries and has become more violent in recent years.  Who would have predicted only a short time ago that Egypt would emerge as a force for change in the thinking of the Muslim world? President Al Sisi recently stated that America and the West are Egypt’s allies and lectured the Imams to change their sermons which advocate hate and violence. Now comes another voice from an Egyptian historian interviewed on state television. In the interview with an Egyptian journalist who was hostile to the idea of collaboration with Israel, Egyptian historian Maged Farag says “The people were raised on a certain ideology and they refuse to change it. Reality has changed. My enemy today is Gaza, not Israel. That is our enemy.”

Here are some more words that heal:

Iranian professor questions the wisdom of seeking to annihilate Israel:  Outspoken Iranian professor Sadegh Zibakalam proclaimed that due to Iran’s insisting upon annihilating Israel and chanting “death to America”, the country has lost out on good business and economic opportunities. In a speech in the parliament he said, “Who on earth has given Iran this responsibility to annihilate Israel?” When a member of the audience shouted “death to Israel”, the audience booed the unruly audience member.

Now some news items that “chill”:

The following quotes are from an article titled “The Electronic Intifada”, by professor of modern Arab politics Joseph Massad. 

“The Jewish and protestant fight for Zionism has been and remains a fight to grant European Jews more rights than non Jews on a religious, racial and ethnic basis. The superiority would be granted especially vis a vis Palestinian citizens of the Jewish settler colony as well as limiting the rights of the Palestinians in the territories Israel occupied and colonized since 1967 and those it expelled and exiled since 1948outside the borders of their homeland.”

What he writes may sound bizzare, and to most historians, it is. To this “history professor”, the whole history of Palestine prior to 1948 simply does not exist, and reading it you would think the Jews came over with weapons and conquered the territory, ignoring the fact that after the first World War, when the Ottoman Empire lost the war, the League of Nations gave the British government a mandate to create a national home for Jews in their ancestral land without encroaching on the rights of the local population. Subsequently, the United Nations in 1947, recognizing the fact that there are two peoples living on that land, passed a resolution to divide the land between the two populations. The Jews accepted a partition and the neighboring Arab countries rejected it and attacked Israel.

Incidentally, the name Palestinians applied to all those who lived in the land of Palestine (Jews and Arabs included). The fact is that the Jews had no army and those who volunteered came to settle on uninhabitable desert land, land bought from owners who resided outside of the land, and by converting swamps they transformed it into inhabitable land.

In another paragraph titled “Recruiting Jews to kill Palestinians”, Professor Massad claims, “Israel has created a hegemonic racist Jewish culture that has not only dominated Israeli Jewish communities but also Jewish communities in Europe and its settler colonial extensions (In America, Australia, and South Africa)” “The Israeli Colonial Army advertises several programs to accommodate international Jewish volunteers to the oppression of the Palestinians.”

Clearly there are some restrictions because of security concerns, but the fact is that Israeli Arabs are represented in the Israeli parliament and can be found in high positions in the judicial system.

The Israeli population consists of people from over 100 different countries who left by force or by choice and who are now citizens of Israel.  Joseph Massad, professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History at Columbia University in 2009 compared what he called “the Gaza ghetto uprising” to the 1943 Warsaw ghetto uprising and in 2014 described Israel as “the European Jewish-supremacist settler colony” and the Israeli Defense Forces as “international Zionist Jewish brigades of baby killers”.

Another example of “words that chill” comes in an article published by American Thinker titled “Bonfire of the Vulgarians: Middle East Studies in Decline“. In that 2014 article, another Columbia University Iranian Studies professor Hamid Dabashi proclaims that, “From now on, every time any Israeli, every time any Jew, anywhere in the world, utters the word ‘Auschwitz,’ or the word ‘Holocaust,’ the world will hear ‘Gaza’.”

That such statements are accepted as scholarship demonstrates the decadence of the contemporary academic culture. It is the duty of the readers to share this information with friends and neighbors, with elected officials, state and federal, expressing your displeasure and concern that this information is being passed down to our students out of context. Be not complacent. Complacency leads to complicity.