The Consequences of Tolerating Anti-Semitism

An article titled “Syrian Dissident: ‘Europe’s Reaction to anti-Semitism Encouraged ISIS” originated in Jerusalem Online on November 18, 2015. Mr. Aboud Dandachi in his interview gives a deep and thorough analysis on the issues that lead to the rise of anti-semitism historically and the present time.

There is hardly anything that one can add to what he is saying. Those of you who are regular readers of my blog may recall previous discussions about the complicity of bystanders: when bystanders witness acts of hate and violence and do not react by condemning it, they are complicit as the violence spreads. Aboud Dandachi particularly emphasizes that when Europeans tolerate anti-Semitic acts, it prepares the atmosphere for violence that follows.

As always, failure to act is not an option. Forwarding this article to as many recipients as you can would be a good beginning.


1 thought on “The Consequences of Tolerating Anti-Semitism

  1. I had no idea that the Bataclan was targeted by extremists before (2008) because of its Jewish affiliation. Why was this not reported in the news following the massacre?

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