The Un-American Americans

Tibor Rubin died last week. He survived the Holocaust and came to the United States in 1948. When he tried to enlist in the Army he was refused because his English was not good enough. By 1950 he improved enough to meet Army standards, enlisted and volunteered to fight in Korea. He found himself ambushed in an exposed position, and as the only soldier with a weapon he fought until his ammunition was gone, saving many of his fellow soldiers, but himself wounded, captured, and sent to a POW camp. While there he made a habit of sneaking out of camp to forage for food which he shared with his comrades, enabling them to survive.

Corporal Rubin was recommended a number of times for the Medal of Honor. But his own sergeant was a virulent anti-Semite who repeatedly refused to submit the paperwork even when commanded to do so by superiors. In 2002, President George Bush ordered a review of the records of 137 Jewish veterans, and Colonel Rubin finally received the honor which his comrades agreed he so truly deserved.

In a documentary about his life, Colonel Rubin comment about his mother: “And she always teach us: ‘There is one God, and we are all brothers and sisters. You have to take care of your brothers and save them.’ To her, to save somebody’s life is the greatest honor. And I did that.”

So what I wonder is “Who taught the sergeant to hate?”

In Alabama, a judge came up with a plan to allow those with outstanding court debts who could not pay in cash to pay in blood. Debtors were told that if they could not pay, they could either donate blood in a van parked outside and bring back the receipt or go immediately to jail. There was no assement of their ability to pay, and many had been incorrectly billed for court costs that included the cost of their court-appointed counsel. If they chose to donate, they stayed out of jail for that day but their debts were not waived. And the blood could not be used since policies of the blood bank prohibited the use of coerced donations in order to ensure the safety of the blood supply.

Perry County Circuit Judge Marvin Wiggins is another un-American American. Law school would have taught him about law. But what lessons did he get from his mother that he could demand payment in blood for debts that were not only not properly assigned, but not waived when the blood payment was made?


Harvest of Hate

At the present, there is a former S.S. “man” on trial in Germany. His name is Oscar Groening, a 93-year-old former guard and bookkeeper in Auschwitz. He is on trial for 300,000 counts of accessory to murder. He was witnessing the arrival of thousands to Auschwitz, and their selection process. Among them was a mother with an infant. In order to be included in the able-bodied people, she dropped her baby. And this “man” was there, as one of the S.S. trampled the baby until it died (“Holocaust crimes still matter,” Leonid Bershidsky, Pittsburgh Post Gazette 4/24/15). 

Don’t anybody tell me they “understand” how the mother felt. Just as you wouldn’t dare to say you understand when my neighbor, Mrs. Zukerman refused to part with her children during the selection at the liquidation of my hometown ghetto and joined them on the truck leading to their incineration, as did my teacher Mr. Lipschitz (as was witnessed by the able-bodied survivors, and told to me later). 

What leads a being – I hesitate to call it a man, or a person – to thrash an infant to death? All one needs to do is look at the history of hate education in Nazi Germany with the rise of Hitler, where the Jews were portrayed as the enemy of the people, as polluting the German culture, and as a lower race. The Jews were accused of dominating German business, banking, and art. The Jews were 1% of the German population, which was 60, 600, 000. 

Stop. Don’t look for a rationale in hate.

In a similar way, but not to the same degree, the Soviet Union’s young people were indoctrinated to hate the so-called capitalist world and internal enemies. Likewise, China under Mao brainwashed the youth in animosity toward the rest of the world. Currently, North Korean children are being taught hatred of the U.S. in school. 

At the present time, in some circles of the Muslim world, the same hate education is practiced with relation to Jews and the rest of the world. Ironically, some Muslim groups are considered enemies of Islam in these circles.  

Recently, there was a video aired by ISIS showing how a child is trained to behead a traitor. A recent interview on 60 Minutes described children in Gaza, who naturally are traumatized by the events of war, and how they express their feelings through drawings. Among other depictions was a drawing of a suicide bomber’s belt and the desire to be a martyr (). 

I consider the term suicide belt to be a faulted term – you use it to kill others; it is a homicide belt. 

In totality, this is what I call the harvest of hate. Unfortunately, there are some schools in the United States producing the same hateful mindsets, too. 

Hate is used as a vehicle for those who put themselves above the law to poison the minds and attract followers. Jewish law is based on the principle that law is above man, and so is the American judicial system. This stands in the way of those whose ambition is to rule the world.